Friday, November 6, 2009

after work cooking before going out easy and good

its 6 pm just got home after work and some errands and I should leave again as tonight me and my girl have a reception ( with a bar XD ) vbut im feeling pekish

so i picked some frozen beef cuts from lidl ( meaning really cheap) boiled so the shit comes out of them ( extra fat and oil) so reduce saturates chopped up some pepers ( green and red) and onions

got some long thin wooden sticks and after the beef was boiled and instead of water there an infested pool of gunk and death ( aka oil and fat) a showered them a bit so with some water

mixed 1 tablespoon of hot sauce and 1 teas spoon of bbq sauce and some ground black peper and fried the meat and veggies all together till the veggies start small black parts on them showing that they are ready. then stabbed together and gobbled up it's quick and tasty

now 10 minutes of war hammer online a shower and shave and of we go :) catch y' all later

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