Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another day

sorry guys

didn't manage to blog yesterday since my girl friend had a problem with work

and I tried to help her but still managed to cook something for me for lunch today

a chicken cordon bleu with mashed potato nothing special here is what i used

1 chicken breast
2 big potatoes
2 slices of ham
2 slices of cheese
1 table spoon of margarine half to cook with half to make the mashed potato
1 cup of milk
and salt

basically just split the chicken breast into two pieces after removing the fat.
boil them for 10 minutes then grill them till they start to become brown after wards at the hame for about 3 minutes while the pan is hot when finished put on a plate the chicken ham and cheese slices on top of each other.

for the mashed potato peel the potatoes of its skin and put them to a boil over hot water for 15 minutes till they come soft.

i dint have time to make a sauce but ketch up with onions would have become great

then put them into a bowl add water butter and a pinch of salt for ultimate perfection :P

here is a pic kindly ignore the container but it what i had a available as the others where being cleaned catch ya later on peeps :)

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  1. guys try this it came really really good all i want to do is sleep now lol :P