Monday, November 16, 2009

left work early

Hey hey HEY :p

Today turned to be a bit better towards the end as you can see from my title
yes left from work early.

What Happened is that they started to work on a 2 parts of the building my department and I are located so all the fumes from the machinery was coming towards us in our office my colleagues and I tried to survive using everything possible(except mouth to mouth anything else sexual, or disgusting since were all men and all have there wives or girl friends) but after my manger still probabl;y pissed by the fact that he couldn't take a proper morning dump got pissed and told us all to leave early.

so i came slept a bit as i wasn't feeling that great and

now I write this blog after making a tortellini with mushroom sauce its good easy to make and will post the pic later cya :)

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