Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Notice!


Hope everyone is doing well

It's been a bit longer than 2 weeks since I started writing this blog, and I know I am an amateur in this sector, so I am trying to improve it as much as I can, thus I have come to a conclusion that I will start to make 2 reviews a week, one mid-week and one in the weekend. I will also start grading the places I review in 5 different categories which I think matter most.

Meaning :

Food Quality & Presentation
Service, and

All of these will be graded on a total of 10points (2points each category), which hopefully will give a better idea of what I thought and why.

I will try to post daily, but with regards to reviews, as I mentioned twice a week I think is enough.

Feel free to comment if you any other ideas you would like to share

take care :)


  1. thats a great breakdown - i think the categories will be very helpful to help anyone following your blog

  2. thanks glad u like it are u a follower?

  3. yes yes ... keep us posted man!