Monday, November 23, 2009

MONDAY :( :( :(

Good Morning Everyone

I should have written a post about a place my friends and I went yesterday and comment about it but unfortunately i forgot my usb mobile connector (sorry), so I cant upload the pics I took.

Therefore you're gonna have to wait for tonight or latest tomorrow morning.

Till then I hope you have a good start of the week

take care :)

and cya later

PS I'll try my best for tonight :), also lots of people think sushi is raw fish, but its not!!!!

The sushi I talked about in the Gochi review is made of steamed/cooked fish and wrapped in sea weed.

It's true that some of the fillings or toppings can be made out of raw fish but you can also not choose them. So for all those skeptics please give a simple sushi roll (made with cucumber filling) a try and it is only 90c Euro - at Gochi at least.

You never know, it might be love at first bite.

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