Saturday, November 14, 2009

The night 0_o

So after watching 2012 ( a great movie to watch amazing effects acting and story a must go to the cinema) we strolled down to :

so be warned this place aint a booze drunk joined its a nice place where you can listen to some chill out music have a drink qed some nice tapas me and girl had the below pice included

Chicken wings ( for me)

Patatas Bravas (to share)

And calamares fritos fort my girl friend (for my love)

as you can see the food portions isnt big at all but its enough to keep you going + add some cokctails and same other good alcaholic drinks (always not to much)

and you are aguaranteed a great time espeically since its not as cheap as the normal maltese crappy every 13 year old can come in bars, the crowd is mid twenties and over and the place looks classy and modern at the same time the sound is nice clear but not to loud that u need to suck on some one's ear in order to hear you.

as for the cost the bill of the food above 1 mai tai , 1 jack coke and a soft drink

came to 30 euros which for maltese people is a bit over the average price, but considering that you wont encounter any type of annoyance from the crowd or the people there I think its worthed + its a nice way to combine booze, good food, and music at the same time and for malta that is quite a rarity, any ways catch you later :) here is a link to hugos tapas if this small review made you curious about it : Enjoy

Ps i apologize for the quality of the pictures but the only camera I have at the moment is my mobile 3.2 mp camera on my 5800 xpress its nothing amazing but it should give a decent idea

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